Coactiva provides training and consultancy for public and third sector organisations who want to move to an outcome focused approach using Results (Outcomes) Based Accountability™

We support organisations in making the change from the traditional performance approach which focuses on quantities, to focusing on quality and measuring the impact of change on the lives of customers and communities.

"Coactiva's training and support is a great resource for applying the tools of Outcomes-Based Accountability™ (OBA) and Results-Based Accountability™ (RBA). They have worked effectively with a wide range of public and voluntary sector organisations across the UK, and have an excellent track record in helping diverse partners "turn the curve" on customer well-being and community quality of life." Mark Friedman, The Fiscal Policy Studies Institute

Coactiva is committed to working with different sectors to add value in order to achieve real impact in service delivery. Our experience of working with and across Local Authorities, Central Government, National Parks, Sports, the third sector, and many other service areas, means we have and continue to support effective delivery of outcomes for communities.


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Results Based Accountability™ (also known as Outcomes Based Accountability) was developed by Mark Friedman, the author of "Trying Hard is Not Good Enough". Results Based Accountability™ (RBA) is an established method, which has been widely used in the UK public sector.

Results Based Accountability™ concepts:

  • Common language, common sense approach
  • Start with ends (outcomes / results) and work backwards to means of delivery
  • Get from talk to action quickly using simple, effective tools
  • Use data to generate intelligence and drive decision making focus on improvement
  • Generate low cost solutions
  • Use plain language, less paper and avoid jargon

Results Based Accountability™ helps public and third sector organisations prioritise their resources on the delivery of results and services which make a real difference to the lives of customers & communities.

Efficiency  and effective use of resources:

  • better, more informed choices when faced with budget pressures
  • identify the effect potential reductions in resources will have on outcomes and customers
  • inform meaningful debate on cost effectiveness, value for money and what works to make things better
  • identify activities that add least value to delivering outcomes 
  • motivate and enthuse staff by involving them in developing and measuring customer outcomes

Woking in partnership:

  • identify the contributions that are needed from each partner to realise the agreed outcomes
  • engage citizens in defining and improving outcomes, focusing on what they can contribute to finding new ways working

Line of sight between operational activities and the delivery of key customer outcomes:

  • move away from output and quantity driven performance management to a focus on impact and the delivery of customer outcomes
  • align individual processes and service activities with the delivery of outcomes
  • measure progress of delivery towards better results

Coactiva's Results Based Accountability™ consultancy is focused on delivering practical support. We tailor our services to meet the requirements of our customers.

Examples of available help and support:

  • Developing locally driven performance management with measures that tell you the most important information about how well a service is being delivered and whether service users are better off
  • Engaging with communities and partners to identify outcome priorities and low cost solutions to improve the quality of life of residents
  • Preparing funding applications which demonstrate positive impact and benefits for customers
  • Undertaking service reviews focusing on the generation of efficiencies while improving the delivery of key outcomes
  • RBA health check of your organisation with report and recommendations
  • Implementing Coactiva's software solutions to enable the effective linking of performance data with the delivery of key customer focused outcomes

Coactiva's Consultants have a wealth of experience in training, supporting and facilitating customers to use Results Based Accountability™. Our approach is to deliver training and support which develops skills and capacity within your organisation.

Our training and workshop sessions are designed and tailored to meet the needs of each customer including:

  • Introduction to Results Based Accountability™
  • Awareness sessions for members, staff, customer groups etc
  • Refresher training
  • Two day train the practitioner / trainer sessions  to build Results Based Accountability™ capacity and knowledge within your organisation
  • Training for members and scrutiny teams on using RBA to ask the right questions.
  • Facilitated workshop sessions with partners using Results based Accountability techniques
  • Consultancy to develop outcome focussed strategies and plans
  • Fully tailored Results Based Accountability packages tailored to meet your specific organisational needs

Results Scorecard is a strategic management software tool designed to help public sector and voluntary organisations work smarter and create measurable results for their customers and communities.

Designed by the Results Leadership Group and based on the principles of Mark Friedman's Results Based Accountability™ (RBA) framework, the Results Scorecard can help public sector leaders to collaborate, make data-driven decisions, and align the performance of their programmes and initiatives with the impact that they create in the community.

Key features & benefits of Results Scorecard include:

  • Supports the implementation of OBA
  • Connects stakeholders in a single, interactive network
  • Facilitates transparency & collaboration
  • Systematically drives decision-making with data
  • Accelerates getting from talk to action
  • Promotes accountability for investment in programmes
  • Integrates with other data management systems


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